in no particular order

I have been away from this blog for more than a year. I’ve beenĀ inventing “spare time” in my overbooked mother’s life to work on several writing projects. Most recently, I rewrote and resubmitted “But Not Barbara” to the Writer’s Union of Canada competition for writing for children. This year I worked hard to learn more about the children’s literature genre. I read a couple of hundred picture books. I regularly met with a picture-book-writing friend so we could wrestled with theory and finesse technique. I practiced some new writing techniques. I floundered a bit but also surprised myself with successes.
In short, I grew myself up as a writer of picture books. What could be so hard about that you ask? I know what you mean — it seems so simple a kid could do it, right? Don’t be fooled — writing an elegantly simple and entertaining story in 1500 words or fewer is a challenging practice. I have learned some tricks and tips on my writing journey that I want to record here at word whacking before all my new found nuggets of wisdom collect cobwebs in the neglected corners of my mind. So, before I forget them, in no particular order,
here are my writing-for-children nuggets …