I love writing — except for those times when I don’t. My day as a mother, teacher, and counselor gives me more work to do than can fit into the 24 hour day; that is why I am trying to develop the skill of sleep-laundering: so at least I get the dirty clothes cleaned in time for the next morning. Each time I have a blessed moment to pause, however, I am mentally composing the next thing I want to write. What to write seems easy –finding the time and discipline to write is as hard a convincing a pre-teen it is her turn to do the dishes, that is to say nearly impossible. Frankly, sometimes I despair over how to manage clandestine meeting with my pen and paper.

When I am not alternating between my “day jobs,” I read, write, or read about writing. I started this blog because of the latter. I have stumbled upon a wealth of books, videos, and on-line links from authors who discuss many aspects of writing. Psychologists might be tempted to call this genre of writing: meta-writing but I prefer to call it, word whacking. Whacking, as in: to strike anything with a smart blow. Somehow the sounds “word whacking,” approximates my gut experience of trying to mash and mangle my way through a first draft. Also, I like the bit about striking with a “smart blow.” it perfectly describes the sometimes necessary, brutal side of editing.

I have created this blog to share with you my occasional successes and spectacular failures at establishing a regular writing practice in my irregular life. I, also hope you will feel welcome to joining me in creating a writer’s resource rich in hot tips, hilarity, and hard work. I warmly welcome your stories, advice, sympathy, and brain-storming on each of my posts. Please suggest new resources so we can all follow along together discovering gems we might like to adopt in our writing practice.

Now it is time for me to get word whacking…

Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D.

*******                 word whacking                         credits and links             *******

Dictionary credit: I found the above definition of “whacking” at:http://www.hamariweb.com/whacking_german-meanings.aspx

word whacking, copyright 2010 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)https://wordwhacking.wordpress.com


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