word slacking

WORD SLACKING: the art of always finding something that must be done BEFORE you can sit down to your writing practice.

If you have guessed that I have started my blog, word whacking, as another way to avoid my writing practice — you’ve guessed right. Yep, this blog is a shameless exercise in “word slacking.” But I have and excuse: sometimes I have a story about writing itself: I want to write about writing; or write about not writing;  or write about others who write about writing. And if I give myself the chance to express these stories around writing, I might actually clear the log-jam of my thoughts and actually get down to writing.

My theory is: if I am going to be a word slacker, then I might as well excel at this age-old art. This blog is my celebration of the unruliness of my bustling, meandering, but well-meaning mind. I am hoping to my trick myself into writing SOMETHING even if it is not the novel, memoir, or essay I have scheduled to write — writing to avoid writing (twisted logic, but it could work, right?). Word whacking is my place to cut loose with word snacks — both humourous and helpful — that will whet my appetite for more writing. I, also, hope sharing my blog with you will bring you yummy refreshment and make your writing day more nourishing and rewarding.


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